Services Offered By Jays Window Cleaning


We provide our new and existing domestic and commercial customers with a professional window cleaning service. Using the Water Fed Pole and traditional method.

Water Fed Pole

 Purified water cleans with greater efficiency.
Cleans woode or PVC frames as well as glass.
 Complies with health and safety legislation.
Operators mainly work from the safety of the ground. 
Eliminates most needs for ladders and high access equipment.
 Reduces expensive access costs.
Eliminates damage to buildings from ladders.
Reduces disturbance.
 Maintains privacy.
Environmentally friendly, no detergents or chemicals are used.
No detergent residue means windows stay cleaner for longer.
 Reaches previously inaccessible windows with eas for example windows over conservatories, extentions and velux windows. 

Services Jay's Window Cleaning has to offer.

Domestic and Commercial properties  
Houses, Flats, Bungalows and mobile homes Front & Back 
Internal & External Frames, Sills Doors

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brass sqeegy
  water fed pole

100% Pure Water used at a tds of 000.
(containing no chemicals such as chloride, calcium etc)
Regular window cleaner all year round cleaning the glass frames and sills every time !